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And then He told them, "You are to go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone, everywhere." Mark 16:15 (TLB)


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March 2018 Newsletter

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Jane of All Trades

CEDAP - 35 Years of Ministry

VBS 2018 - Time To Get Started

Meet Our Co-Laborers - Dominguez


On the Road Again


II Corinthians 11:28-29 NKJV besides the other things, what comes upon me daily: my deep concern for all the churches.  Who is weak, and I am not weak? Who is made to stumble, and I do not burn with indignation?

The Apostle Paul wrote these words right after listing a multitude of tribulations and persecutions he had experienced. After reviewing his list, I hesitate to even mention that I recently had a triple by-pass surgery, it seems so trivial compared to what Paul faced. Yet I find a relation to the passage in Paul’s statement “my deep concern for all the churches.”

After following Dr.’s orders of restricted activity, we were finally released to return to Mexico. Late January and early February gave us an opening for nine days of circuit riding. We had joyous reunions with twelve pastors and many friends. I was somewhat surprised at the challenges that built up in our three-month absence. Several pastors were in serious need of our pastoral visit. We through prayer and counsel were effective in bringing the strength and encouragement of God’s Word into their present challenges.

It’s interesting how many of the pastors have come to depend on our ministry. Pastors need pastors. I never asked for the job, nor planned for it. Never-the-less I’ve got it.

When one helps build a church both physically and spiritually there’s a certain fatherhood that comes in to play. Being a good father to these pastors has become very important to us.

The scripture reminds us of this, again from Paul’s writing in I Corinthians 4:15 MEV, For if you were to have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet you do not have many fathers. In Christ Jesus I have become a father to you through the gospel.

We returned to our home on the border with a burden to do more for these precious pastors who fight on the front lines. For most of those with recently established churches, they are presently facing the legal mountain of registration with the Mexican government. This process in Mexico is much more complicated than in most countries.

Without the help of expensive lawyers, they can pursue the registration personally. In that case, it still requires numerous trips to Mexico City and the equivalent of $2,000 U.S dollars for each church. I share this information with you, asking that you join with us in prayer.

I believe with the help of heavenly lawyers, God can make a molehill out of the mountain. It’s time for us to believe for and began receiving some amazing miracles in the legal realm of this necessity.

The Lord has done great things in our lives and ministries and I believe the manifestation of His nature in miracles is on the increase.

Because souls are at stake, God is moving in His people and so are we. Thank you all so very much for your support in prayer and finances.

In His Fields,

Calvin and Barbara


Jane of All Trades


Jasmine Hurtado


While we were in Obregon, Sonora we were blessed to spend a few hours with our spiritual daughter, Jasmine Hurtado. Jasmine is ministering full time there as a teacher at Instituto Vision. She being a “Jane of all trades”, also stays busy with a multitude of church and missions activities under the leadership of Gustavo and Ruth Vega, founding pastors of the work there.

Jasmine is living and working by faith and her ministry in Mexico is in a development stage that appreciates the support from like-minded Christians on both sides of the border. Prayerfully consider sowing into her life and ministry. She is without a doubt good ground.



CEDAP - 35 Years of Ministry


Jose and Marylu De La Torre

Congratulations to Jose and Marylu De la Torre of Centro Evangelistico of Agua Prieta, Sonora. They just celebrated 35 years of ministry.

We joined them in their celebration and joined in their parade of ministries. Faith Ministries celebrates 32 years of ministry with them.

Parade of Ministries



VBS 2018 - Time To Get Started



We’ve already begun receiving requests from Mexican pastors for 2018 VBS material.

Last summer we blessed 7,000 children in 50 pueblos and anticipate for that number to increase this year.

It will be time to order by the first of April.

We need $7,000 for VBS expenses.  



Meet our Co-Laborers


Ernesto and Lili Dominguez

In Alamos, Sonora, Mexico:

Ernesto and Lili Dominguez

In the year 2006, our son Bob and his wife Miki were conducting their El Shaddai Bible training school courses in the colonial town of Alamos, Sonora. When Barbara and I arrived to help teach a few days we met host pastors Nestor and Lili.

Their church facility at the time was directly across the street from the public elementary school. When the Dominguez’s realized that many of the children were arriving at the school hungry and leaving school for a home with meager food available, their ministry vision expanded. With the help of Christians around town, including retirees from the U.S., they began a daily feeding program that was very successful.  In this safe Christian environment, the children were fed both physically and spiritually.

As their church grew, they obtained property in a newly developing neighborhood on the west entrance of town, and constructed a lovely church building, Armadura de Dios. A small parsonage was also built for Nestor’s family. What they were taught in El Shaddai fanned the fire for missions in their hearts. Over the last several years they have planted 6 daughter churches in remote mountain pueblos around Alamos and also in the area of Navojoa.

One of their strong points in ministry has always been reaching out to street people and drug addicts. This has resulted in a successful rehab ministry. They are presently pursuing their vision to have a rehab facility adjacent to their church. As of this writing in February 2018, the blueprints are laid out and ground being prepared to begin construction.

Pastor Nestor is especially sensitive to this aspect of ministry being a recovered drug addict himself. When he accepted Jesus, he was at the bottom of sins gutter. With the clothes on his back and living out of garbage cans, he was barely alive. His life-changing encounter with the Lord was a supernatural event. In the city dump, high on drugs, and at death’s door, Nestor cried out, “God, if you are there, help me.” Immediately a supernatural smoke engulfed him and he experienced a spiritual cleansing inside with immediate soberness in his body. He walked to the first church he could find and found two men who greeted him at the door. The wife of one of the men brought out a lunch for her husband to take to work. He then gave that lunch to Nestor, his first real food in many days.

Nestor joined the church service and received his first taste of spiritual food from God’s Word. Soon, someone gave him new clothes and shoes to go with his new heart and life.

Nestor was from Tijuana, Baja Norte California and Lili from Agua Prieta, Sonora. How they found one another is for another chapter in their marvelous testimony of faith.

What an honor it is to be a small part of their lives and ministry. Pray for their strength in spirit, soul, and body. Also, pray for green lights with the Mexican government as they pursue their construction for the new rehab facility.

Alamos Children's Outreach
Alamos Children's Outreach
Armadura de Dios Children's Outreaches
Iglesia Armadura de Dios
Iglesia Armadura de Dios
Calvin (cowboy hat) with Lili and Nestor on a recent trip to Alamos.




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