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Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations. Matthew 28:19a (NKJV)


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Missions Trips

Missions Trips

Faith Ministries hosts several missions trips into Mexico during the year.  The purpose of these trips is to accomplish needed projects and at the same time tie the hearts of the supporters to the Mexican town and its church.

Much fruit comes from these trips - both on the U.S. and the Mexican sides of the border! 

To read more about Missions Trips, go to our Newsletters page.

The teams that go with Faith Ministries say:

From the Hawaiian mailbag:

Thank you so much for giving Kona Faith Center the opportunity to minister alongside you last month in Mexico. It gave me the ability to see in person the tremendous work for the Gospel that Faith Ministries is accomplishing in Mexico. Your ministry is good seed and we are glad that we are able to sow into it with finances and mission work. As a pastor, I received much joy from watching our team minister each day at VBS and each evening at the various churches. Those that attended this trip will never be the same. How can they when they witnessed salvations, miracle healing's, and the happiness on each of the children’s faces? It was also awesome to see those that so graciously received our ministry ... TM - Pastor

Your hospitality was amazing! You took good care of us and made us feel welcome from the very first day. Your patience with our youth (and my husband, ha ha) is appreciated. You see people through God’s eyes and love them just the way they are. Thank you for showing me that. I was so thankful that we had beds, electricity, and running water. You made sure we were well fed and always had water. I appreciated all you did. You did good! It was a wonderful experience to be able to fellowship in the Lord with another culture. The language barrier made it difficult at times, but the love of God continued to shine forth. I believe God moved in and through our team while we were there. KT – Dance team leader

I was really moved by the Mexican people. The way they praise God was awesome! You can feel the passion they have, that comes from inside their hearts. They also had a great passion for God and all of His people. The food was really good and they even went out to make us a Mexican dish called menudo. It was good! I loved the mountains and the different pueblos. It was great to see that even though they had no electric for two days they just kept on praising God! (Amen.) And I just love the children. They touched my heart in a real way! WT – Youth leader

…The most fun I had was ministering at all the churches. It was really fun to see the power of God working through me. The best part for me was when we were in that one town and these two women came up for prayer to get healed and they got instant healing. That was really powerful. The Mexican food was really good… NS - Teen

From the Wisconsin mailbag:

I want to thank you for everything you did for us. I always feel like I’m home when I get there. I was blessed beyond anything you can believe. I had been going through a very dry time, and was burned out…The time down there was a time of refreshing for me. I came home with a new vision in my heart, and a new zeal to serve the Master. DJ Exeland, WI

First I would like to thank you for your wonderful hospitality and generosity in hosting the mission trip… It was a wonderful time of refreshing, along with a renewal of my vision for Mexico and the ministry you are carrying forth. TJ Exeland, WI

From the North Carolina mailbag:

For the past four years I have longed to go on a missions trip. Now that I have reached my heavenly goal, I look forward to many more trips. Meeting new people and starting new relationships has blessed my life in a way like nothing has before… The Mexican people have shown me a side of them I have never seen before. I have truly been blessed by the love and hospitality of the people of Mexico... JM

My trip has been most memorable… I experienced a lot of new things, how cows and horses just roam the streets freely, the incredible heat and humidity, and especially the people. They were incredibly nice…I would never of thought that missions trips could be so fun… TS

My trip has been very memorable…The people welcomed us with open arms from the first moment. They showed me that it’s okay to open up to strangers…. Even though it was super hot; this was one of the best weeks I’ve had in a long time. Actually it might have just been the best.

… I have never felt more accepted anywhere my whole life than when we worked at the churches with the kids. Everyone has so much love in their hearts it’s almost overwhelming. By coming to Mexico I have opened up so much. The last two years I have blocked people from getting too close in my life. Being here has changed that…. I love Calvin & Barbara.

To me this trip has been a kind of new beginning. It has been a time for me to feel like I’m where I belong again. It has been a time for me to feel like I’m doing what I love. I never felt lost. …This trip has given me a chance to just be a kid and allowed me to become closer with the girls in my room, to talk and laugh and giggle like sisters. This trip has taught me that God still works miracles and He has a plan for everything.

Hello, being down here in Mexico was awesome – meeting the little children. Some little kids ran me up the wall and others scared me, but they were loveable and kind…

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