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Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples. IChronicles 16:24 (NKJV)


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Let’s Go... Up into the cold pine trees, and down into the tropics to Batopilas Canyon, one of many canyons in the Copper Canyon region.  Five canyons are deeper than the Grand Canyon, Tarahumara are all along the way. Up and down, to different villages. Many have never heard the name, Jesus Christ. Only 535 miles from Douglas AZ, but 17 hours driving time. 


On the way.

















Tarahumara migrate, up into the mountains in the summer and down into the tropics in the winter.

They used to hide in fear, but now they come running as soon as they recognize us.



Happy children with their gifts.































Many Tarahumara live in small groups of 3-7 families. Some still live in caves.

Many times when asked, "Do you know Jesus Christ?" They reply, “No, I have never met Him before," thinking a person is being referred to.






















Many Tarahumara villages are only reachable on foot, horseback, or by mule.

Christmas gifts - Every bag has a gospel tract in Spanish. Many villages only have one person who speaks Spanish. They appreciate any material we give them and translate what it says to the entire village into Tarahumara.




















Those who have heard the name, Jesus Christ, usually don't know how He came or why He came. Watching a Christmas program...











Boy in traditional Tarahumara dress.















Tarahumara school Children. Some Tarahumara boys and girls marry as young as 14 or 15. Some Tarahumara don't know how old they are.













Tarahumara boys in Batopilas plaza.





















Woman making a sleeping mat.


















Making a clay pot.












Grinding corn.











The woman below is the village chief. She was making this pot when we came by and asked to do a Christmas play. She was the only one in the village who spoke Spanish. She couldn't stop making the pot or it would be ruined so she kept working on it while translating the program into Tarahumara.

Tarahumara men are known for their running skills, they can chase a deer until it falls from exhaustion.






To every tribe and nation the love of Jesus must go.




Along the road.Waiting for Christmas program.










Nathan giving Christmas gifts.Tarahumara boys.











Making dinner.



Baby bed.











Praying with village chief.

Tarahumara man in traditional clothing.












Little boy on his bed.















Drug wars over cartel territories have taken many lives from local families in recent years. Pray for violence to cease and violent hearts to turn to God, and for evangelism to remain alive in the Batopilas Canyon area.


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