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Tell me the story of Jesus...


Faith Ministries - Pursuing God's Purpose!

Bringing the Story of Jesus to the Children


Every year, Faith Ministries conducts exciting Christmas programs for thousands of Mexican children presenting the story of the birth of Jesus and explaining how He can live in their hearts.


After watching a drama about the birth of Jesus, the children pray asking Jesus to forgive their sins and come live in their hearts. As they pray this prayer, we see the light of the Lord flood their countenance. Over and over again, with tears in our eyes, we know it's worth all the sacrifice and work to make these programs possible.

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Each child is given a sack with a toy, candy, peanuts, and a Gospel tract.  For some of these children this is the only gift they receive for Christmas.  The gifts Faith Ministries Mexico bears are only a small part of what is given.  God's Word going forth shines like a bright light through the ministry teams, opening the hearts of people and leaving them hungry for what the teams have - the living Jesus.



As of Christmas 2016, nearly 191,000 children in towns across Sonora and Chihuahua have received gifts with the help of Faith Ministries.


This tremendous outreach does not exist apart from the love and care of the many individuals, businesses, and churches that give so generously towards the Christmas outreach. Thank you for your part in making this awesome outreach possible.




Christmas Prep Throughout the Year


As soon as one Christmas season ends we begin planning for the next year. It takes time to import the toys into Mexico so this is an ongoing effort. You can participate in this ministry by donating toys or money:

  • Small toys such as matchbox cars, plastic animals, small stuffed animals, crayons and coloring books, pretty pencils and hairpieces.

  • Offerings to purchase Mexican peanuts and candy, for teams to travel to various villages, and for equipment, stage costumes and props.


Send UPS packages to:


Faith Ministries

6787 King's Hwy

Douglas, AZ 85607


Send your tax-deductible financial gifts to:


Faith Ministries

PO Box 1252

Douglas, AZ 85608-1252


More about what goes into preparing for our Christmas programs.

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